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We said at the beginning that the legend attributes the invention of Go to the desire of Emperor Shun of educating and training his son Shan Jun. And although it may not be true, it certainly is that Go is a first quality educational and pedagogic instrument and so has been considered in China, Japan and Korea from ancient times to nowadays.

Being able to play Go at certain levels gives points for the access tests for Japanese and Korean Universities and, in Korea, Go can be studied at University as a specialty. In Spain, because of the ignorance of the game and its very recent introduction, there are very few pedagogical experiences carried out but, the ones realized, some of which we will next explain, have had a highly constructive result. In Barcelona, for example, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia offers since 1995 three four-month Go subjects as free-election subjects in its study plans: "Initiation to Go" (one credit), "Go I" (one credit) and "Go II" (two credits). The teachers of both subjects are Antonio Juan Hormigo and Pau Bofill, both from the Computer Architecture Department, and the experience was successful from its first edition in which more than one hundred and twenty students took part.

In Secondary Schools some interesting activities are also being carried out. We should name as a pioneer experience, the Go courses which the teacher José María Pérez Orozco started to teach in 1985 at the I.E.S "Tartessos" in Camas (Seville) and the I.E.S. "Rodrigo Caro" in Coria del Río (Seville). In Seville there is also an important task to point out which Manuel Sánchez Castro, teacher from the I.E.S. Virgen de los Reyes, is developing from 1990-91, and there once a year, he organizes a course of Go and championships among the students of the school.

At other educational levels, some experiences were carried out, as the Go courses leaded by María Luisa Porres at the Cultural Centre Joan Miró in Móstoles from 1995 addressed to youngsters and adults, or the interesting activity carried out by José Manuel Vega at the City Play-Centre of San Juan de Aznalfarache (Seville), addressed this time to the youngest, where the children who took part, apart from playing, learnt also to make boards and pieces. In all the cases, the teachers in charge of this activities remark the interest of students, its high educational efficiency and its great pedagogical value, because besides beginning such an interesting and complete game as chess can be, students learn and develop with Go some other skills and attitudes: development of attention and concentration, calculation skills, decision-making criteria, skills to choose an option among other many possibilities and also, as aforesaid, values like carefulness, sensibility, balance, responsibility, persistency, respect for the opponent, etc.



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The Andalusian GO Association try the divulgation of GO, a game regarded by the Japanese as one of the arts to cultivate and also teaches how to live.


We are based in La Carbonería, Céspedes Street 21A in the heart of the city of Seville. We meet on Saturdays at 19:30.

In internet we can play in the sala andaluza (nationals rooms) of KGS Go Server.

KGS Go Server

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