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How is it played?

goban1Go is played on a board as described above, using white and black stones, all in the same shape and value. At the beginning, the board is empty, and the players (one plays with black stones and another with white stones) place their stones alternately one by one on it. The stones cannot be moved again, once they have been placed, and the game lies in the trial of both players to occupy the biggest part possible of the board with their stones. At the end of the game wins whoever has got the biggest part possible of the board. It is then, a strategy game, where the development resembles a whole war or the establishment of an empire, rather than a battle, like chess. Its rules are so accurate and essential that they have not changed once in its five thousand years of history. So what does this enigmatic game have to fill so many million people with passion for so many thousand years?

 Jorge Luis Borges, in a poem titled "Go" says:



"Today, the ninth of September of 1978,

I had in the palm of my hand one small disc

of the three hundred sixty-one that are needed for the astrologic game of Go,

that other chess of the East.

It is older than the oldest writing and the board is a map of the universe.

Its black and white variations will exhaust time.

Men can be lost in it as in love and day.

Today, the ninth of September of 1978,

I, myself, who am ignorant of so many things,

know that I do not know one more,

and I thank my poetic inspiration for this revelation which will never be mine"

On his part, the famous chess player Emanuel Lasker, comparing chess and Go, and asserting that chess was perhaps the most complex game created by the human mind, said: "Chess restricts to the Earth inhabitants, but Go, in some way, overcomes this dimension. If there are some rational beings in some other planets, they sure know Go". And this fascination of Lasker over Go can be perfectly understood because this age-old game is also, over the bare simplicity of its rules and its inexorable logic, one of the most subtle moral thinking systems that has been invented by men.


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The Andalusian GO Association try the divulgation of GO, a game regarded by the Japanese as one of the arts to cultivate and also teaches how to live.


We are based in La Carbonería, Céspedes Street 21A in the heart of the city of Seville. We meet on Saturdays at 19:30.

In internet we can play in the sala andaluza (nationals rooms) of KGS Go Server.

KGS Go Server

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